Before Sit Pretty:

6 core strengthening and balance exercises for every dog!



A Mini Course on Balance and Core Strengthening

Bite Sized Fitness!

  • With only 9 lessons, this self-guided online course fits easily into your busy lifestyle.

Simple Equipment!

  • Training uses only two different pieces of equipment - balance pads/cushions, and giant balance discs - or substitute with items you may already have at home!

6 Months of Access!

  • With 6 months of unlimited access, you can visit and revisit as often as you want - and whenever you want.

Go at your Own Pace!

  • With immediate access to all lessons in this mini course, you really can go at your pace!

              Course includes:

Discover what the core muscles are and why they are important.

Core muscles are central to movement. Find out what makes up the core and what their job really is.

6 Core Exercises For Every Dog!

6 increasingly difficult exercises that increase your dog's balance and core strength. Plus a bonus, challenge exercise is presented! This course was developed by Veterinarian and Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist,      Dr. Sonnet Jarvis, with safety and effectiveness in mind, making it appropriate for every dog! 


Proper Form For Proper Muscle Engagement!

Proper form is key to proper muscle engagement! Each exercise has a video tutorial indicating proper form, and photos marked with proper positioning. 

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