Fancy Footwork

6 body awareness exercises using a proprioceptive ladder.



A Mini Course on Body Awareness

Bite Sized Fitness!

  • With only 10 lessons, this self-guided online course fits easily into your busy lifestyle.

Simple Equipment!

  • Training uses only one piece of equipment, that you can easily and inexpensively make at home. We even include the instructions for how to make it!

6 Months of Access!

  • With 6 months of unlimited access, you can visit and revisit as often as you want - and whenever you want.

Go at your Own Pace!

  • With immediate access to all lessons in this mini course, you really can go at your pace!

              Course includes:

Discover what body awareness is...and isn't.

Body awareness involves specific physiologic aspects of your dog's body. Find out what they are so you know how to train it effectively.

How to build the perfect proprioceptive ladder.

To fully challenge your dog's proprioception, the ladder must be just the right dimensions for your dog. Receive detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to build your dog's perfect ladder.

6 Ways to Use a Proprioceptive Ladder

6 Exercises using the proprioceptive ladder to challenge your dog's sense of body awareness. Each exercise has a video tutorial showing proper form. And the exercises progress in difficulty.

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