Fast Start Fitness I and II

A program to jump start fitness for any dog - and every dog!

Get the Full 12 Week Program


Weekly lessons to build your dog's fitness level.

2 phases, 12 weeks, 41 exercises

Each Fast Start Fitness phase is 6 weeks with new exercises each week.

Video Tutorials

Don't waste time doing exercises incorrectly. Every exercise has a video tutorial showing proper form and correct execution. Access each video from the mobile app when you're on the go!

Instructor Access

Unlimited access to your instructors, Certified Canine Fitness Trainers: Dr Sonnet and Michelle- available to help anytime!


This program is yours for a full 365 days! Go at your own pace, repeat the program or jump start the fitness of ALL your dogs!

Training Assistance

Not sure how to get your dog to do the exercise? We can help you train your dog to do the exercises!

Quick References

Each exercise has a printable reference card for quick review and to take on the go! 

Let's Get Going with Phase I

              Fast Start Fitness includes:

Build Your Dog's Fitness in the K9 Fitness Pyramid Foundation

Master the Essential Elements and then develop a solid basis in Balance & Stabilization, Cardio, Body Awareness and Flexibility.

Primary Strength Training

Strength training is the single most important aspect of fitness! Phase I introduces your dog to strength training while Phase II builds upon this!

Developed by Veterinarian and Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist Dr. Sonnet Jarvis with safety and effectiveness in mind, this program is appropriate for every healthy dog looking to improve their fitness fast!

Proper Form for Proper Muscle Engagement

Proper form is key to strengthening the intended muscles! Each exercise has a video tutorial showing proper form and each exercise has annotated photos highlighting proper positioning. Target the intended muscles every time.

Fits Easily into Sport Training

This program is separated into 2 phases with distinct objectives, but building upon each other.  Each phase is only 6 weeks and fits easily into your current sport training. No need to stop training your favorite activity to train fitness. Now you can do them both!

Workouts Designed for You

We prepared the workouts for you!

Each phase has 2 workouts created just from that phase. That's 4 workouts ready to go anytime!

Why Wait Any Longer?

Jump start your dog's fitness training with both Fast Start Fitness Phase I and II. Get the full 12 week program for the best deal!



* This course requires access to 2 balance pads, 2 large balance discs, a long stable platform such as an aerobic Step bench (and the ability to raise one end of it,) 2 low stable platforms or boxes, a proprioceptive ladder, a small balance disc and/or a K9FITbone. Equipment substitutions can be made if needed.


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