The Essential Elements of Canine Fitness

Movements Every Performance Dog Must Master for:

Muscle Activation

Movements designed to activate the proper muscles at the right time.

Efficient Movement

Fine tuning your dog's control of the body for efficient movement.

Enhanced Communication

Movements performed on cue, from you, as your dog's teammate and coach.

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The Essential Elements are the Foundation for Canine Fitness

And the beginning for reducing your dog's risk of injury, so your dog won't have to miss out at your next competition!                
 It's so important, we're offering this program for FREE!

This self-guided, absolutely free, online course will help your dog master the 6 essential movements of canine fitness. Every canine athlete must master these movements for success in any fitness program.  

 In this program you will:

  • Master 6 movements that appear deceptively simple but will challenge most.
  • Introduce you to proper form in canine fitness so you develop a good eye for it. 
  • Highlight potential trouble spots your dog may have for fitness training.
  • Create neuromuscular pathways in your dog for ideal muscle activation in the movements.
  • Develop efficient movement patterns.
  • Enhance communication between you and your dog. 
  • Lay the foundation for your dog's success in fitness!
Let's get started!

Each movement is presented in a multimedia format:

  • Video Tutorial demonstrating the proper execution of the movement for the best results!
  • Downloadable PDF with a complete written description and photos of the movement with proper form clearly indicated so you fully understand the movement.
  • Downloadable quick reference card with key form points on doing the movement properly - and what to avoid!

         On your schedule!

  • Immediate access as soon as you sign up so you can start improving your dog's fitness immediately.
  • Unlimited access to the program, 24/7, forever, so you can choose the time that works best for you!
  • Self-guided, go- at- your- own- pace; learning that fits in to your life. You will never be behind!
  • Download every lesson for quick reference while training anywhere!
  • Share with teammates, classmates, and colleagues.
  • Absolutely free!
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"I love the way you have posted concise guidelines with the video. Thank you."

Terri Schmidt with Gromit and Belle

"Thank you...I like this is awesome for me."

Karin Roelofsma with Finbar

"More challenging than I expected, but great material!"

Krista Hill with Chuck, Max, and Cassidy


What equipment will I need for the Program?

  • This program requires no equipment.

My dog is a beginner/more advanced. Is this program appropriate?

  • Yes! This program is appropriate for dogs and puppies at all levels. This course is great for those dogs just beginning or for those dogs that may have been training in their sport for awhile. This course is a great refresher to those who already participate in fitness on a regular basis too!

How do I access the lessons in the program?

  • You will be prompted to create an account (don't worry, it's free) with us when you enroll in the course. Then simply login to your account, click the link to the Essential Elements and you have access to all 6 lessons. Forever.

Do you offer support?

  • You may comment or ask questions in each lesson. We'll answer each question, typically, within a day. You may also contact us privately by email at [email protected] anytime for assistance or questions. 

Join the Canine Fitness Movement now!

"There's no time like the present to get started on improving your dog's fitness. Your dog will thank you for it!" Dr. Sonnet