Be K9 FIT!

Give your dog the fitness he needs to be his very best

What's your dog's sport?

Agility? Dock Diving? Fly Ball?

You know that fitness is vital to keeping your canine athlete safe and enjoying your sport for a long time. You know that keeping your dog fit means a better performance.

You know that every athlete NEEDS fitness.  

But which exercises are the best for your dog? Where do you begin?

Our fitness "road maps" prepare your dog physically for the sport that your dog trains and competes in!

Our road maps guide you, safely and effectively, through the mass of information and exercises of canine fitness, helping your dog reach the levels of fitness needed for your favorite canine sport!

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The Exercise Playroom

Our Exercise Playroom provides a continuously updated library of exercises with more than 80 exercises available, categorized by our K9 Fitness Pyramid. 

Each exercise has a video and downloadable PDF with a complete description of the exercise, to include:

  • Key form points
  • Level of difficulty
  • Number of reps for your dog's experience level
  • Indicators of fatigue

Learn Proper Form

Form is crucial to successs! Exercises done with improper form mean you are not getting the benefit you think you are! Or worse - your dog could get injured!

Each exercise in our site has: 

  • a video demonstrating form
  • photos with key form points annotated showing the most important things to watch in your dog's form
  • downloadable PDFs with form checkpoints

Programs and Classes

Access to all our online programs and classes! Current and upcoming classes include:

  • 30 Days to Improved Precision for K9 Sports through body awareness
  • 30 Days to Improved Core Strength for K9 Sports through balance & stabilization training
  • 15 Day Flexibility and Cardio program

Enjoy full benefits!

Subscription includes:

  • Unlimited access to the site, including the Exercise Playroom, 15 Minute Workouts, Fitness Clubhouse, and online classes
  • Training tips from longtime agility competitor and canine sports trainer for help training your dog to do the exercises
  • Video reviews for one -on -one assistance
  • Expert guidance with all exercises developed with Dr. Sonnet Jarvis, rehabilitation veterinarian and Certified Canine Fitness Trainer
  • Quick reference cards for each and every exercise

Fitness Facts

Education on topics including:

-  Levels of balance equipment (is the fitbone harder than a giant balance disc?)  

- Warm ups and Cool downs

- Setting up your home gym

And much more!

15 Minute Workouts

Quick workouts for targeted results!

 - More than 20 workouts available

 - New workouts added monthly

- Organized by level of difficulty, targeted areas of the body, equipment, or pyramid category


The Training Corner

Tips and methods for training different exercises such as:

- Typical problems with pivoting

- 3 ways to teach walking backwards

 - Tips for building duration

Need help with teaching an exercise? Just ask!

K9 Fitness Solutions Subscription

Fitness training is not trick training. Each exercise serves a specific purpose.

Fitness training supports your sport training.  Improved fitness allows your dog to maximize his potential in his sport!

K9 Fitness Solutions  provides the expert guidance you need to do fitness training safely, effectively, and with the best results.

Even if you have already taken fitness classes or believe your dog is in good shape, K9 Fitness Solutions will help you maintain and even improve your dog's fitness.

With 2 subscription options, monthly or annually, you can choose the option that works best for you! Join monthly, cancel anytime and enjoy access 24/7. Join annually and receive 15% off the cost AND gain immediate access to all our online classes and programs. Unlimited access to everything for 365 days, without interruption!

Compare the cost of a monthly or annual  subscription to:

  • A private fitness consultation with a Certified Canine Fitness Trainer (CCFT) costing $100-200/hour.
  • The average fitness seminar costs $500 or more for a working spot.
  • Online classes cost an average of $200 for 6-8 weeks of support.  

For less than a typical fitness seminar and less than a couple onlines classes, you will get 24/7 access to the site, Certified Canine Fitness Trainer guidance, and an ever increasing resource of fitness information and exercises.

K9 Fitness Solutions Subscription

See what a regular routine of focused fitness can do for your dog's performance!