Essential Elements

Our free course will help you teach movements every performance dog must know for:

Muscle Activation, Efficient Movement, and Enhanced Balance and Stability


Safe, Effective Fitness for Your Dog

Safely and efficiently improve your canine partner's fitness and conditioning for dog sports using methods based on your dog's anatomy and physiology.  We are committed to developing the fitness your dog needs to:

  • Lower the risk of an injury that could sideline your dog
  • Increase the longevity of your dog's sporting career 
  • Improve your dog's performance
  • Help your dog enjoy your sport - and life - to the fullest!

We provide online programs and a subscription based membership dedicated to improving your dog's fitness.  

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Proper Form

We focus on proper form - it is important to the effectiveness of fitness exercises. 

Program Development

K9 Fitness Solutions has developed a structured and science based approach to developing the canine athlete.  Each K9 activity requires different elements of our fitness pyramid to achieve peak performance.

Ongoing Support

All programs are developed by Dr Sonnet Jarvis, DVM, CCRT and Michelle Fromm, CCFT.  Our team is here to provide ongoing support and guidance for any program you choose to join.

Track Your Dog's Fitness Progress with our Journal

Our journal is filled with fitness tips for workouts, warm-ups, how to use body measurements to track fitness and much more.

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