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Improved Core Strength for K9 Sports


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A 30 Day Program to:

Stronger Core

Strong abdominal and back muscles serve as the anchor point for your dog to produce more explosive power.

Better Balance

Better balance allows for more efficient movement and less chance for a disastrous misstep.

Stronger, stable Joints

Joint stabilization protects the spine and joints from excessive stress, reducing the risk of a career-ending injury.

A strong core is central to canine movement!

A strong core leads to better odds of avoiding an injury, a better performance, and a longer sports career.

This 30 day program is for ALL canine athletes looking to improve their odds!

Your next 30 days are filled with carefully chosen exercises, crucial information on the exercise physiology of balance training, and training assistance designed to improve your dog's core strength and joint stabilization through progressive levels of balance training.

 In this targeted online program you will:

  • Master extremely safe, but tremendously effective, balance exercises that are appropriate for all dogs, from the young, to the athlete, to the retired.
  • Determine how to progress your dog, beginning at level 1 and going all the way to level 4 of balance training- the level needed for many dog sports.
  • Understand exactly what makes up the core, and why it's so important to your dog.
  • Discover how to take your dog from static to dynamic balance exercises to increase the challenge as your dog improves.
  • AND get practical, real world training advice on how to teach your dog the exercises so your dog improves quickly!                                 
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30 Lessons in 30 Days! 

  • 23 safe, but effective balance training exercises with Video Tutorials,  written instructions and photos on each exercise, showing exactly what is proper form for proper core engagement.
  • Unlimited instructor access, plus 2 video reviews for one-on-one individual guidance for your dog.
  • Tips and assistance on how to train the exercises so your dog maximizes the benefits.
  • What you need to know about how balance training works and how it reduces your dog's risk of an injury that could sideline your dog!
  • Access to the program content for a full 365 days so you can visit and revisit lessons.
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Receive Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way!

This balance program was specifically developed for all dogs as an important step in injury prevention, by Dr. Sonnet Jarvis, CCRT and veterinarian focusing exclusively on sports medicine and physical rehabilitation, along with Michelle Fromm, CCFT and canine sports trainer and enthusiast:

  • developed from working with athletes, both, in their sport and in the rehabilitation clinic for over 10,000 hours!
  • Both are Certified Canine Fitness Trainers through the University of Tennessee, which Dr. Sonnet helped develop and teach to other fitness coaches.
  • real life, practical, training advice from a combined lifetime of integrated study.


Your most frequently asked questions answered here.

What equipment will I need for this 30 Day Program?

  • This program uses balance equipment. You will need: 2 balance pads/cushions, 2 small balance discs OR 2 K9FITbones (or one of each), a large balance disc (or a substitute like a BOSU ball or air mattress) and a platform your dog can stand on with all four feet. In some cases, substitutions from around your home can be used. A detailed list with dimensions will be emailed to you upon enrollment.

My dog is a beginner/more advanced. Is this program appropriate?

  • YES! This program is appropriate for dogs at all levels! Beginner or advanced, this program is beneficial for all. Young or old, this program is low impact and appropriate. (*Contents of this program can be used in puppies as young as 3 months with slight modifications.)

How do I access the lessons in the program?

  • When you enroll you will be prompted to create an account with us. Then you will receive an email every other day with a brief summary and link to your lesson for that day and the next. Click the link and login to your account to begin the lesson.

Can I get a refund if I can't finish the program in 30 days?

  • Enrollment fees are nonrefundable, but you will have access to the program content and instructors for a full 12 months (although video reviews are only available during the initial 30 days.)

Do you offer support?

  • In addition to the two video reviews in the program, you may comment or ask questions on any lesson in the program. You may also contact us by emailing us at [email protected]  anytime for assistance. And, if you are a subscriber of our membership site, K9 Fitness Ultimate, you will enjoy continuous online support and video reviews. We are here to help!

If I upgrade to a subscription and find it's not for me, how do I cancel?

  • For more information about our subscription program, K9 Fitness Ultimate, please learn more here

How long is registration open?

  • Registration is open all year long but the benefits of improved core strength only begin once you begin the program! Why delay when you can start today?

"The time is now! Michelle and I are waiting for you. We're ready to help. Let's get started!" Dr. Sonnet