Safe, structured and effective fitness training for your canine athlete.

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Finding the right fitness program for your dog isn't easy.  There are so many options out there and if you are like I was when I started this journey, it was hard to know what was safe and effective that didn't take hours to do.   If you are overwhelmed and not sure what to do next, or not doing any structured fitness, you are probably feeling as if you aren't doing the best for your K9 athlete.

You know fitness for your dog is important!

There is a lot of information available.  It's easier to do a short class or two, pick an exercise from the internet and then once in awhile throw them into your training plan.  But is this the structured fitness that is safe and effective for your dog?  Is it addressing your dog's strengths and weaknesses?  

We get it - time is at a premium and it's not easy to know what is effective at your dog's level of fitness, let alone where they need to be to compete at their best with a lower risk of injury.

It's easier to do nothing or keep doing what you have done. But is it enough?  We have worked with hundreds of clients and we know the pitfalls and shortcomings of haphazard fitness in your dog's training plan.

We can help you fit fitness into your training, in a science-based, effective and safe way.

Our program is built on formal education in fitness and years of experience.

All The Tools You Need To Be Successful With Canine Fitness

Most programs lack structure and purpose, and that is where we are different.  We address the short term and the long term needs for a canine athlete. Our program starts at ground zero and builds your knowledge and your dog's fitness to transform your dog into a canine athlete.  

Achieve your fitness goals!

This program is designed by a veterinarian and incorporates knowledge and research on muscle and exercise physiology, canine anatomy, sports medicine research and fitness principles. It's gradually progressive - so your dog doesn't get hurt while working out. 

Veterinarian Approved Program

Of course, if you can't get your dog to do the exercise correctly, it won't help.  This program provides training, with a variety of training techniques that are proven successful with many different dogs.

K9 Fitness Ultimate

There are four stages to progress through in this program - each designed to take your knowledge and your dog's fitness to the next level.  Each phase has lessons with video instruction that you can do at your own pace.  And we are here to help every step of the way.

There are group Zoom coaching calls for tailored instuction, giving instant feedback on your dog's form.  These calls also provide an opportunity to ask any questions you have on the program. 

Quarterly webinars are scheduled to dive deeper into aspects of canine fitness.

Unlimited video submissions throughout the program - we will review your video, provide feedback and answer any questions you may have.

And you can email questions at any time!


Beth J. and Beacon

"Just wanted to check in and say that Beacon is loving his fitness program, and I am too. I think we are making decent progress. I really appreciate the detail of each video, and the fact that the videos are short and direct."

Krista H. and Crew

"I used to feel overwhelmed and didn't know how to safely improve my dog's fitness, but with this program, I feel confident knowing that it's developed by a veterinarian with fitness and sports medicine experience.  Their step by step approach makes sense.  It gives me a plan which saves me time and it's nice knowing I don't have to break the bank on equipment to perform effective exercises with my dog."

Margaret F.

"Thank you. Those videos are a great help for showing the correct positioning for each move."

Here's what is waiting for you inside K9 Fitness Ultimate,

once you become a member.

Inside Phase 1

                     Creating the Framework for Fitness Success

Phase 1 sets the stage for all future success in fitness and ultimately in your chosen sport. This phase is critical for those new to canine fitness as well as for those who are veteran athletes.

  • Discover the 12 simple movements that comprise all of canine fitness and the best way to train them correctly.
  • Learn to identify proper form for every movement and what to avoid when doing an exercise.
  • Know what is safe, effective and appropriate for your dog.
  • Find the quickest way to effective fitness training.
  • Improve balance and build stronger, more stable joints.

Inside Phase 2

                  Excelling in Fitness and in Your Sport 

Phase 2 is where excellence in fitness begins to transfer to excellence in your sport. Your dog is no longer just a dog who competes in a sport. Your dog is now a canine athlete.

  • Go from good to great - mastering the movements and applying them to new exercises
  • Discover the key to lowering the risk of injury 
  • Solve the dilemma of knowing if your dog is really physically fit enough for competition
  • Transform your dog from sport participant to canine athlete
  • Resolve the time issue of how you can fit canine fitness into your busy life (it's easier than you think)!

Inside Phase 3

                     Edge Ahead of the Competition 

Phase 3 begins a new chapter for you and your dog - for you as your dog's favorite fitness coach and for your dog as a canine athlete edging ahead of the rest. Fitness can be the difference between winning and second best.

    • Understand the components of canine fitness, it isn't just body awareness
    • Take advantage of the most effective way to strengthen
    • Dispel the myths about flexibility
    • Transform into your athlete's fitness coach 

Inside Phase 4

                     Sharpening that Competitive Edge  

Phase 4 is the where you take that edge and you increase it. Here is where you can maximize your dog's physical potential. You and your dog have a lifestyle of fitness consistent with the elite athlete your dog has become and the premier fitness coach you have become.

    • How to stay one step ahead of the competition
    • Understand the purpose of Plyometrics
    • Discover how to manage intense competition schedules, the offseason, and down time
    • Elevate your dog to the ranks of elite athlete



Yearly Renewal

  • Unlimited video review
  • Group Zoom Coaching calls
  • Step by Step Program
  • Quarterly Webinars
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
Registration is currently closed. Check out our other programs.

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Make the commitment and invest now in your dog's fitness, health, and sports career.

Save time by focusing on efficient, targeted exercises with specific fitness goals.

Why wait to get started on a  structured approach to your dog's fitness - start today to reduce the risk of injury and improve your canine athlete's health, happiness and longevity in your chosen sports.

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We are confident that this program will improve your dog's fitnesss level, but it's hard to see results in only a week or two. We'll give you 90 days to see for yourself.

That's 3 months to do the program, experience the support, and enjoy the bonuses and if you still feel it's not the perfect match, simply email us at [email protected] for a full refund. We'll gladly return your investment and thank you for giving us a try!


In addition to our structured, step-by-step program which includes coaching calls (on Zoom for immediate feedback), webinars, unlimited video reviews and unlimited questions through our site, we are giving you 3 additional bonuses to boost the value - if you join in the next few days.

Monthly Calendars

Do you struggle with how to plan your workouts?  We provide monthly calendars for each phase to help you plan your workouts. ($100 value)

1-on-1 Coaching Calls

Once each quarter - get a private coaching call with Dr Sonnet and Michelle.  You can use this call to review your progress, ask training questions, or get expert advice for your dog. ($180 value each)

Mini Course E-Books

We have 5 fitness mini courses, targeting specific skills and fitness objectives.  You will receive all five E-books for these courses instantly. ($150 value)

Don't Wait Any Longer! Get K9 Fitness Ultimate plus all of these bonuses by joining now.

  • Complete K9 Ultimate Program with 4 phases ($549 annual value)
  • Zoom Coaching Sessions¬†
  • Webinars


  • Monthly Calendar for Fitness Training ($100 value)
  • Private coaching session with Dr Sonnet and Michelle ($180 value) quarterly as long as you are a member of K9 Fitness Ultimate
  • Mini Course E-Books ($150 value)

As a limited time offer you can join us for just $380 annually.

Registration is currently closed. Check out our other programs.

The Choice is Yours

You can hire a fitness trainer and pay $500 a month for only a few short hours, or take some group fitness classes which can easily cost $600 or more a year. And are these classes progressive?  Will they provide the fitness that your dog needs?

Joining us today will give you the tools and individual support to achieve your fitness goals in less time for less money and lets you move at your own pace. Our support and feedback is available when you need it - not just during a class session.  

And we guarantee it!  If K9 Fitness Ultimate does not meet your expectations, for any reason - we will give you 100% of your money back. 

Registration is currently closed. Check out our other programs.

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