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K9 Sports Strengthening Program


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30 Days to a Stronger Athlete!

The Core

Strong abdominal and back muscles serve as anchor points and help in force transfer.

Rear Assembly

Strengthen the hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteal muscles in the hind limbs to increase propulsion.

Front Assembly

Improve shoulder, chest, and forelimb strength to reduce the risk of the more common injuries.

A TOTAL Body Strength Program

Strength is at the heart of every dog sport and every canine athlete, including yours.

It is your dog's strength that helps protect from injury. It is your dog's strength that ultimately creates power.  It is your dog's strength that helps improve performance.

This 30 day online program is packed with specific strengthening exercises, crucial information on strength training, and training assistance all geared to increasing your dog's strength!

 In this targeted program you will:

  • Discover safe, but tremendously effective, strengthening exercises using only simple, stable equipment you may already have at home!
  • Avoid potentially dangerous imbalances in your dog with this comprehensive, total body strength training program.
  • Become aware of how to increase the challenge as your dog's strength increases, so you don't waste time on exercises that are too easy.
  • Understand how strength (resistance) training really works in dogs - what you need to know.
  • Gain practical, real- life training tips for achieving the proper form so your dog gets the maximum benefit as quickly as possible!
  • Identify exercises that specifically target your dog's weak spots so you can help keep your dog safe.
  • Have all your questions answered by a fitness expert who teaches canine fitness to other fitness coaches, and who helped create the University of Tennessee's Certified Canine Fitness Trainer live hands-on program.                             
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"I wanted to keep my dog strong and healthy; I looked at other strength programs, but felt this methodology was the best. They taught me how to teach my dog the exercises properly and I could ask for help whenever necessary. AWESOME experience! Love that it is self-paced! Absolutely I would recommend it!"

Kim Lindenmeyer with Wave

30 Lessons in 30 Days! 

  • 26 different strength training exercises with Video Tutorials, showing proper form, to target the correct muscles.
  • Assistance on how to train the exercises for the fastest results.
  • Unlimited instructor access plus 2 video reviews so we can help you and your individual dog.
  • What you need to know on how strength training really works in dogs.
  • Exercise Reference Cards for quick access anywhere, anytime. Fitness training on your schedule!
  • Access to the program and instructors for a full 365 days so you can visit and revisit lessons on your own time.
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Receive Expert Guidance Every Step of the Way!

This program was developed using the Overload Principle to increase your dog's strength step by step.  With injury prevention always in mind, Dr. Sonnet Jarvis, veterinarian focusing exclusively on sports medicine/ physical   rehabilitation, along with Michelle Fromm, CCFT and canine sports trainer and enthusiast created this course:

  • Developed from working with athletes just like yours, both, in their sport, and in the rehabilitation clinic.
  • Both are Certified Canine Fitness Trainers through the University of Tennessee, which Dr. Sonnet helped develop and taught to canine fitness coaches.
  • Real life training advice from a lifetime of study and practical application.


Your most frequently asked questions answered here.

What equipment will I need for this program?

  • This program uses only stable equipment you can make or have at home. You will need: a platform that your dog can stand on comfortably (an aerobic bench, the Klimb, or a homemade platform, depending on the size of your dog,) a pivot platform, 2 smaller platforms and something to be able to elevate the platforms.  A detailed list with dimensions will be emailed to you upon enrolling. 

My dog is a beginner/more advanced. Is this program appropriate?

  • YES! This program is appropriate for adult dogs at all levels! Note , while this program is not appropriate for puppies under 18 months, you have access to the program for a full 12 months if your pup comes of age during that time. 

How do I access the lessons in the program?

  • When you enroll you will need to create an account, if you don't already have one with us. You will receive an email every other day with a brief summary and links to your lessons. Click the link and login to your account to begin the lesson.

Can I get a refund if I can't finish the program in 30 days?

  • Enrollment fees are nonrefundable, but you will have access to the program content and instructors for a full 12 months.

Do you offer support?

  • In addition to the two video reviews in the program, you may comment or ask questions on any lesson within the program. You may also contact us by emailing us at [email protected]  anytime for assistance. And, if you are a subscriber of our K9 Fitness Ultimate program, you will enjoy continuous online support and video reviews. We are here to help!

If I upgrade to the annual subscription and find it's not for me, how do I cancel?

  • For more information about our subscription program, K9 Fitness Ultimate, please learn more here

How long is registration open?

  • Registration for this targeted program is open all year, but your dog only receives the benefits once you get started. Don't delay! 

"The time is now! Your dog is waiting for you, and we're ready to help!" Dr. Sonnet