Heat Stress in our Canine Athletes

heat stress in dogs Aug 12, 2016

High drive canine athletes are at risk for suffering the effects of heat stress during training and competition. Studies show that some working dogs and k9 athletes can have body temperatures that are extremely high during strenuous activity (reported temperature values include Greyhounds 104 F - 106 F, Labradors 102 F - 107 F, Pointers 103 F - 106 F, and Sled Dogs 104 F - 108 F.) Interestingly, these dogs do not necessarily show any clinical signs of heatstroke or heat exhaustion. But other k9 athletes remain susceptible. Although the incidence of heat stress and heat stroke in K9 athletes has not been determined, we do know that several factors can increase your dog's risk. And we know that intervening during the early signs of heat stress can prevent heat stroke completely.

How hot is too hot?

It is not just extremely high temperatures that puts your dog at risk but also combinations of high temperatures and high humidity. A handy reference is to add the ambient...

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