How does your dog Jump? The Biomechanics of the Canine Athlete’s Jump

canine jumping May 22, 2022

Agility, dock diving, obedience, IPO/Schutzhund/French Ring, and flyball all have something in common. These dog sports require the dogs participating in them to execute at least one jump while training and competing in their sport.

Jumping is a high-impact exercise that exponentially increases the force on the body, the joints, and the muscles. This increases the risk of injury, especially if your dog is not strong enough (read here to find out if your dog is strong enough to participate in high-impact sports) or has poor technique.

Understanding the biomechanics of the canine jump is crucial to training proper jumping form. Proper jumping form is important for efficient and safe jumping. Jumping is a complicated sequence of movements.

Jumping is a full body exercise. The front assembly, consisting of the shoulders, chest, and the front legs, provides the lift, or upward thrust, and absorbs the landing. The rear assembly, consisting of the back legs and pelvic area, provides...

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