Road Maps to Canine Fitness

general fitness Jun 16, 2017

Canine fitness is an ever growing area and the volume of information available is increasing quickly. With the rapid growth in the field, there are more and more exercises to choose from.  The trick is sorting through it all to find what applies to us and our sports, as well as knowing what our dog should be doing. What works for one dog may not work for our dog at all.

But how do we wade through the mass of exercises and information? What’s the best workout, the best routine for our dog?

To help navigate through the mountains of information, we have created “Road Maps” through the K9 Fitness Pyramid.

The K9 Fitness Pyramid shows us how the components of fitness build upon each other and provides a general order for working and building fitness in our dogs.  Exercises are broken down by the category, or categories, of the Pyramid that they support. But to get a more specific fitness program that best suits our dog, we need a bit more information.

The K9 Fitness Solutions approach takes the next step to identify levels of difficulty within each category of the Pyramid. We then apply the appropriate level to a specific exercise. The level of difficulty for an exercise allows us to progress through the category in a logical manner that is safe and effective.  We can also use this information to identify when our dog is ready to progress to the next level.  

The next step in creating a Road Map is to break down each K9 sport into its fitness components and difficulty levels.

Now, to prepare our dog to do this sport, all we have to do is progress our dog to the levels required by the sport! This is our road map!

In addition to sport specific road maps, a road map can be designed based on fitness goals or the time period in our dog’s life, like retirement.

Road maps provide a more specific pathway through the K9 Fitness Pyramid.

They allow us to navigate the sea of information and exercises in the canine fitness field. These road maps bring us that much closer to reaching our fitness goals of enhancing our dog’s performance as well as reducing their probability of injury.

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